Soft Tissue Therapy

Healing Pain Through Soft Tissue Therapy

The healing process starts with us helping you to understand the basic human anatomy. Next we help you to find the cause of your pain. We focus on resolving the cause not just the symptom.

Most pain/tightness issues stem from repetitive overuse or a sudden trauma to the soft tissue. Soft tissue injuries (STI) include damage to fascia, muscles, ligaments, and tendons throughout the body. Our staff possesses a thorough knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, which is crucial to discovering the cause of soft tissue pain and knowing how to treat it.

We also help clients to realize the perpetuating factors that bring the issues right back after resolving them. It may also be the cause of your issues in the first place. Some  common perpetuating factors are: engaging in repetitive physical activity, holding a certain position for long hours at a time (i.e sitting with bad posture or being on your feet).

In addition to providing the most effective therapy techniques, we also teach our clients how to do self-therapy. Knowing how to perform self-therapy at home will give you the ability to deal with these perpetuating factors and make your healing last.