“We have all uttered the phrase, ‘This place has saved my life!’ Well, Healstrength has truly change my life. I have been coming to Healstrength for the past year, and I have been transformed. I was unable to rotate my neck, due to a past injury that caused a bulging herniated disc. My pain level was a consistent 8-9. During the past year, with Shaunna’s help, my pain level has dropped to an average of 1, with full rotation! The treatment plan has changed my life, and I am beyond grateful. I have recommended Healstrength to many people, including my own mother. The staff has been phenomenal and always professional.” – Jeni D.

Jeni D.


“I am a distance runner and have been a client of Tae’s for over 2 years – both for cross-training and therapy. He is fantastic! He has worked with me to strengthen my core, improve my speed and address the inevitable injuries that occur. He is also a lot of fun to work with. He has a warm and engaging style that is encouraging and supportive. He makes me want to try new things and come back for more.” – Virginia M.

Virginia M.


“I have been taking boxing lessons and core exercises from Tae for over 3 years and could not ask for a better trainer then Tae. His knowledge and execution of soft body tissue therapy has done wonders for me especially for my hip . My doctor told me 3 years ago to have a hip replacement  and I decided to give Tae a chance to work with me and my hip never felt better. He excels in the martial arts and to learn the art of boxing helps to improve the memory, balance and the heart. I am a wife, mother and grandmother to 13 grandchildren and If it wasn’t for my sessions with Tae I probably wouldn’t be able to have such an active life at my age.  I highly recommend him.” – Peggy I.

Peggy I.


“I’m a college student who competitively plays ultimate frisbee, a sport that involves a lot of quick cutting and jumping. Tae has really helped me improve my fitness, and has helped strengthen the muscles for doing those activities. He knows exactly which muscles need to be strengthened to improve athleticism while also retaining muscular balance for injury prevention. He pushes me to my limit, but never goes overboard, making sure that training is constructive and not destructive. I’ve also received therapy from Tae, mostly after tough tournaments. He can unerringly find a tight muscle from just a vague description of what is sore and then provide therapy to relieve the soreness. I had pretty bad shin splints after a season of ultimate, and after a couple of therapy sessions with Tae and instruction on self therapy techniques, they seem to have disappeared.” – Melissa S.

Melissa S.


“Tae, Chris and Shauna are terrific.  I was on the verge of shoulder surgery.  I met Tae and he started working on me.  A few weeks later after some therapy and strength training my pain was gone.  I could use my shoulder again!  Tae taught me exercises and treatments I could do at home to help me.  Tae provides more than therapy; he provides education and knowledge so that you know how to stretch and protect injured areas.  Now I can actually do pull-ups and play catch with my son.  I’ve kept at it and now I’m there 3 days a week.  Best shape of my life.  Now my son does boxing training here.” – Mark H.

Mark H.